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Solvepoint DockV™ Distribution Hits CompUSA, BestBuy, PalmGear, and Others

Solvepoint's DockV™ adapter for PalmV handhelds is available from CompUSA, BestBuy, Staples, PalmGear, PDAmart, PocketScience, and a number of other premier consumer electronics outlets

The distribution of Solvepoint's DockV™, an adapter for the Palm V handheld, has hit shelves at CompUSA, BestBuy, Staples, PalmGear, PDAMart and other store and on-line retail outlets. International distributors are retailing the DockV in the EC, Australia, the Pacific Rim and South America.

"We are pleased and surprised at the strong world-wide reception of the Solvepoint DockV. We see the success of the DockV as an important milestone in our marketing, management and e-commerce efforts. Our greater achievement, however, is building well. It's about growing a great team of people at Solvepoint. An early win in the marketplace is icing on the cake. we'll take it," says Mark Karaman, President of Solvepoint Corporation.

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Solvepoint Corporation is a business and technology services provider staffed with experienced developers, systems integrators, creative designers, and consultants. Solvepoint develops advanced technology solutions for some of the world's most competitive companies. More information about Solvepoint is available at solvepoint.com.