Who We Are

The extraordinary people of Solvepoint deliver competition crushing technology and truly have empowered Iron Mountain people to do the same. - Mike Every, Iron MountainSolvepoint Corporation is a leading technology consulting firm headquartered in West Chester, Pennsylvania that provides professional technical services in highly effective teams for large enterprises. The staff of Solvepoint have a proven track record for superior design, hard work, successful implementations, and the integration of leading technologies. We are building on strong customer relationships through excellent service and delivery of advanced technology solutions that have lasting value.

Solvepoint has leveraged its decades of experience in application development, system integration, project management, and technology in the launch of EagleIQ, a Solvepoint methodology for the implementation of advanced applications and system integrations. EagleIQ is the culmination of years of experience and a new name for a tried and true approach to high performance, large scale, geographically distributed, system implementations.

The leadership and technical personnel of Solvepoint are experienced and proven. They have completed thousands of client projects that span the smallest departmental computing solutions to services and solutions for large enterprises such as: