Who We Are

Solvepoint Corporate History

Solvepoint has been built from the ground up to deliver extraordinary results for you. We assist our clients with strategy, design, project management, product development, technical implementation, and support.

Founded in 1999, Solvepoint is a professional services firm formed on the principle that doing extraordinary work for you requires deep domain expertise that is in total alignment with your business objectives. The people of Solvepoint are the reason why great things are achieved. So our primary means of achieving our mission is to build well. The people of Solvepoint are proven professionals. They have been providing services and delivering meaningful solutions for decades, including many who performed in lead technical, consulting and operations roles at Protech Systems and the "Big Five".

Product Launch

In 1999 Solvepoint put its comprehensive offering to the test in a full life cycle product launch in the consumer electronics field. This was the maiden flight of Solvepoint's convergent capabilities including: product strategy, development, e-commerce, project management, manufacturing, marketing and management expertise. The product, the Solvepoint DockV(tm), went from zero to volume global distribution in under five months. It was launched to great industry acclaim. Reviews of the DockV described it as "a must have" and "extremely well made". The DockV was picked up by Eastman Kodak as a Kodak item, appeared in shelves at CompUSA, BestBuy, PalmGear and others, and was also shipped worldwide through numerous product partners and international distributors.


Solvepoint's next offering, a services technology and implementation methodology called EagleIQ(sm) has followed suit, receiving great customer praise. EagleIQ is a branded culmination of years of experience in technology. It continues to be a key competitive differentiator for Solvepoint as a strategy for implementations and integrations that deliver on the promise of scalable real-time information. EagleIQ-based implementations are in production, delivering sub-second response times to terabytes of data from disparate sources for our customers. As an EII (Enterprise Information Integration) methodology, Solvepoint's EagleIQ is unmatched in the industry. In minutes you can test drive EagleIQ from your own desktop through a guided tour we would be glad to walk you through. (Click to tour…)

Our People

Solvepoint people are creative and energetic, living full and purposeful lives. And as we prosper, the people and company of Solvepoint are giving back. We sponsor user group meetings, are active in charitable and community activities, and have a sustained internship program. Solvepoint is where and with whom we chose to work to achieve great things.

Solvepoint is a privately held firm that has had consistent growth and profitability since it was founded. In booked business, partnerships and with a full sales pipeline, Solvepoint is experiencing extraordinary yet sustainable growth. As Solvepoint builds, it is holding fast to the founding principle that we succeed as extraordinary people working together with our clients deliver extraordinary results in each and every customer engagement.