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Solvepoint Delivers Reliability and Performance for AstraZeneca

Solvepoint Corporation helps AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals, LP deliver a strategic forecasting system

Solvepoint Corporation helped $18.8 billion pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals deliver a strategic forecasting system. Following a senior technology audit, AstraZeneca selected Solvepoint to take a leadership role in leveraging industry leading technologies and practices for development of a next generation mission critical system.

"With Solvepoint's deep expertise, proven methodologies, and advanced technologies, we were able to help AstraZeneca completely replace its previous system in one-fifth of the time and budget, all while using fewer resources," states Mark Karaman, CEO of Solvepoint.

AstraZeneca Senior Manager Chuck Boohar says, "Solvepoint developed a partnership with my team and our customers that proved invaluable throughout this project. In the end, their top-notch people and excellent project methodology got a difficult project completed on time, on budget, and with very satisfied customers."

With deep knowledge of Oracle and Microsoft technology stacks and object oriented design best-practices, Solvepoint was able to co-implement the system while mentoring AstraZeneca staff in the new technologies required. An AstraZeneca Senior Developer stated, "Solvepoint helped our team of AstraZeneca developers get up to speed with .NET technology, which was new to us. As a result, with Solvepoint developers being an integral part of the team, we were able to deliver a high quality, flexible, and scalable application."

"Solvepoint has extensive experience in object oriented development best practices that apply directly to unleashing the potential of Microsoft's .NET technology," states James Horan, a Solvepoint Lead Application Architect, "Using C#, ASP.NET, and other Microsoft tools, large enterprises can now take advantage of object orientation, business process modeling, and design patterns."

"Technology must serve the business objectives of data integrity, auditablity, reliability, performance, agility and ease-of maintenance," states Mark Karaman, "AstraZeneca's strategic forecasting system has these attributes and requires five fewer FTE's in on-going data maintenance, and loads monthly data over 100-times faster. Quicker application initialization (by 1700%) also encourages better utilization by the application stakeholders."

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Solvepoint Corporation is a business and technology services provider staffed with experienced developers, systems integrators, creative designers, and consultants. Solvepoint develops advanced technology solutions for some of the world's most competitive companies. More information about Solvepoint is available at solvepoint.com.