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M&T Bank Engages Solvepoint for Mission Critical Integration

M&T Bank engages Solvepoint Professional Services for mission critical integration of with its core enterprise systems

The Mortgage Division of M&T Bank, a $50 Billion dollar bank and holding company and one of the top twenty banks in the US, awarded Solvepoint an integration engagement for its core enterprise systems.

"Solvepoint handled the project very professionally, had excellent sales, functional and technical resources involved, and delivered high-quality results with virtually no back-and-forth efforts on M&T's part," said the lead M&T IT Manager.

"The busiest most demanding leaders make our best customers," said Mark Karaman, CEO of Solvepoint, adding "they know what they want and they know when it is done right. Meeting our clients' specific objectives while exceeding their highest standards allows us to demonstrate our core competencies with each engagement."

M&T said of Solvepoint, "They did not let us down in spite of our high standards."

"Our clients' needs are often very specific and very unique. We have built a company that listens and adopts those needs rather than forcing our clients to conform to some flawed external impression of who they are. Listening is key as are delivering extraordinary services and solutions," said John P. Wiaziwsky, COO of Solvepoint.

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Solvepoint Corporation is a business and technology services provider staffed with experienced developers, systems integrators, creative designers, and consultants. Solvepoint develops advanced technology solutions for some of the world's most competitive companies. More information about Solvepoint is available at solvepoint.com.