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OneBeacon Retains Solvepoint for 1,600% Performance Gains

OneBeacon retains Solvepoint to perform an architecture review, performance tune, and webfacing of application that supports key lines of business

OneBeacon, a White Mountains Group company, has retained Solvepoint to perform an architecture review, performance tune and webfacing of Quantum, a key legacy application.

"Solvepoint delivered as promised. They are technically strong players that met or exceeded expectations on deliverables, often times exceeding. As a manager needing information, Solvepoint's weekly updates (both verbal and written) were critical to the success of the project," said a Sr. VP of Application Development.

"The architectural review was a key pre-cursor to delivering 1,600% and more improvements in application performance," says Mark Karaman, President of Solvepoint "by delving deeply into our customers' world, we can better help them chart a course forward," adding "I know that sounds like hoopla, but it's true. The performance gains at OneBeacon were the result of a candid and expert look at their software and infrastructure. The magnitude of the improvement is more typical than extraordinary…it's what happens when true experts adopt the challenges and work hard to improve our customers' condition."

Of the webfacing initiative, a Quantum technical lead remarked "Solvepoint's web-facing technology is faster over 800 miles of the public Internet that on my own Client Server install running of an ultra-fast server under my desk!"

Said John P. Wiaziwsky, "Our people have once again delivered more than was asked for, sooner than expected, and with extraordinary results. It's who we are that makes what we do so unique."

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