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Solvepoint Launches EagleIQSM Service & Technology Offering

Solvepoint unveils advanced service and technology offering: EagleIQSM

Solvepoint Corporation has launched EagleIQSM, a new name for Solvepoint's decades of refined methodologies and technologies. The launch includes a website, eagleiq.com, from which Solvepoint's prospects and customers are able to experience examples of EagleIQ's capabilities from their own browsers.

"The core of EagleIQ is about real time component-based integration. Since it isn't practical to show server-side plumbing in a web demo, we focused on showing what's been so very difficult for the industry to achieve over the Internet: speed at distance, desktop application functionality, and very large database access," said Mark Karaman, President of Solvepoint. "By taking our tour, prospects and customers are able to experience breathtaking web performance and functionality through their own corporate network in their very own browser," and added "We could spend hours waiving our hands explaining and still not convey the advantages that become so plain to see in the first few moments of the demo."

When asked for what industries EagleIQ is intended, John P. Wiaziwsky replied, "It's a horizontal technology that is applicable across many industries. If I were forced to narrow it down I would say that EagleIQ is for the world's competitive companies where paradigm shifts in technology advance or defend their business positions. EagleIQ redefines the economics of a company's bread-and-butter transactions."

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Solvepoint Corporation is a business and technology services provider staffed with experienced developers, systems integrators, creative designers, and consultants. Solvepoint develops advanced technology solutions for some of the world's most competitive companies. More information about Solvepoint is available at solvepoint.com.