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Solvepoint Continues to Build Well

Solvepoint Corporation adds new staff and clients, advances technology offerings, and continues to deliver competitive advantage for its clients

Solvepoint Corporation continues to attract top industry talent, gain and retain industry-leading clients, and deliver competitive solutions to help its clients succeed.

"We have experienced strong growth in each of our market segments," says John Wiaziwsky, President of Solvepoint. "We do not measure our success by that growth, rather we measure by building well. Our growth in the marketplace is validating our approach that, even though it is the harder path, nothing compares to doing it right. Solvepoint takes great care to attract and retain only the very best experts. Our recent hire of a principal software engineer of Monster.com is a great example of that."

Solvepoint Corporation's EagleIQSM technology offering continues to makes great strides in the marketplace. For years it has been the technology stack of choice for Solvepoint clients to build a true SOA service layer and feature rich applications that are able to process the highest transaction rates over terabytes of data and hundreds of databases. EagleIQ handheld wireless technology has been deployed in warehouses throughout the country to enable fast, dependable and agile mobile workstation functionality. EagleIQ integrations span technologies including VB6, .NET, Java, PHP, and Progress 4GL, enabling industry leaders to do some amazing things. Whether it's connecting 3D SolidWorks product configuration to ERP, or adjusting the workflow route of warehouse workers in real-time, or providing highly functional web applications that integrate disparate backends, EagleIQ has been a proven means for our clients' competitive differentiation.

"Many of our clients are so good at what they do that the resultant astronomical growth would easily crush conventional computing science," says Mark Karaman, Solvepoint's CEO. "It's one thing to say a system is designed to be both scalable and agile, it is quite another to consistently deliver this with measurable results. One of our clients has customers like Dell, Circuit City, Amazon, Kodak, CompUSA and others. They have grown from about $40k of e-commerce revenue a month when we first started working with them to well over $100 million a month, a 2,500-fold increase. Now that's growth. Our charter with them is to help their staff continue to scale their infrastructure while adding features and functionality that allow them to continue to bewilder their competition."

Solvepoint Corporation has been presenting at various technical venues for years, and has recently launched an RSVP-only series specifically for managers of technology. Contact us today for more information.

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Solvepoint Corporation is a business and technology services provider staffed with experienced developers, systems integrators, creative designers, and consultants. Solvepoint develops advanced technology solutions for some of the world's most competitive companies. More information about Solvepoint is available at solvepoint.com.