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Solvepoint's EagleIQSM Awarded Sun Microsystems Certification

EagleIQSM certified by Sun Microsystems as "Java Powered for the Enterprise" for J2EE compliance and best practices

Solvepoint Corporation's EagleIQSM technology stack has been awarded "Java Powered for the Enterprise" certification by Sun Microsystems, distinguishing that EagleIQ has met the highest standard for J2EE platform-independent portability in the enterprise.

"Solvepoint customers have deployed EagleIQ on various application servers and operating systems, often in extremely rugged or large-scale production environments" says Mark Karaman, CEO of Solvepoint Corporation. "EagleIQ has passed Sun's suite of J2EE compliance and portability tests. From the drawing board onward, portability has been a fundamental requirement for EagleIQ, just as important as reliability and massive scalability."

"Sun certified J2EE portability means that as technology and application servers advance, our clients' EagleIQ-based systems can be migrated to future environments without being tied down to any one operating system or hardware architecture," states John Kendall, EagleIQ's Chief Architect. "Our clients are free to make IT decisions based on their business needs without worrying about adverse affects to their EagleIQ applications."

EagleIQ is a high availability, clustered server with cross-platform, cross-language client interfaces. It has enabled some of today's largest companies to integrate industry-leading technologies including Java, .NET, Progress, Oracle, and others.

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