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Protech Launches as IT Staffing Services Provider

Solvepoint unveils Protech and offers best-in-class staffing systems and methodologies

Solvepoint Corporation is pleased to announce the launch of a new affiliate, Protech. Protech specializes in technical staff augmentation and 1099 managed services (see protech.com for more details).

"Protech can assist corporate HR departments by granting them astounding market penetration in locating available contractors for their organization," says Alan Redrup, Staffing Services Manager for Protech. "By 'astounding', I mean that we have tens of thousands of resumes on file, and 99% of those are from technical professionals. The ability to search that kind of targeted resume base gives Protech clients a distinct edge to quickly find the people they want."

"However, Protech services don't stop at locating individuals to the client's specification," states Mark Karaman, Protech founder and Solvepoint CEO. "Our ability to interview and provide necessary ongoing mentoring has been deemed among the best in the industry—by our clients and employees alike." He continues, "And for clients who struggle with the administrative burden of multiple contractors, our 1099 managed services offer unified reporting, billing, terms and schedules all while complying with various IRS and state regulations. Our clients gain back precious hours and days with which they can better serve their customers."

"Protech's staff augmentation offering is built upon best-in-class HR systems and methodologies that have helped Solvepoint locate world-class talent for nearly a decade," states Karaman "Additionally, bringing back the Protech name revives a rich history in the technology services industry."

For more information about Protech and its services, call 800.290.8121 or visit protech.com online.

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