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Solvepoint's EagleIQSM at Iron Mountain

Iron Mountain News StoryIron Mountain, the world leader in records and information management, uses Solvepoint EagleIQ to drive its main customer facing search and order processing system called the Record Center. Since 1951, Iron Mountain has been the partner that thousands of companies choose to store, manage, and protect records, media, and electronic data in any format for any length of time. EagleIQ enables Record Center users to quickly access these terabytes of data… (more)

Solvepoint Delivers for AstraZeneca

AstraZeneca News StoryAstraZeneca, a world-leader in the pharmaceutical industry, turned to Solvepoint to help design and implement its next generation forecasting system, an important piece of AstraZeneca's business strategy. AstraZeneca's efforts in medicine research and production (including Nexium, Rhinocort and Crestor) are vast, and the company is committed to developing treatment options for some of the most debilitating diseases, improving patient lives around the world… (more)